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The Kremlin’s Shady Horses: Johnny Miller – a very (in)dependent journalist

The project “Shady Horses” delves into investigating Russian propaganda dissemination within Western countries through prominent individuals, often referred to as “talking heads.” By analysing the influence and messaging of these figures, the project seeks to shed light on the tactics employed to spread Russian narratives, their impact on public opinion, and their potential connections to foreign organisations.

Johnny Miller declares himself to be a “independent British journalist” even though he currently lives in Moscow and often appears on the airwaves of Russian propagandists. Since 2015, Miller has frequently visited the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk, and often producing reports from Crimea. In addition, he held a position working for the pro-government Iranian media PressTV and took an interview with the general of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Ukraine’s Centre of Fighting Disinformation publishes warning about Mr millers actions in Ukraine, to which Miller defaces his photo and tells how the “Ukrainian government is now publishing pathetic memes and absurd, malicious lies about me”

His interviews, articles, and statements echo classic Russian World propaganda templates about “Eight years of Ukraine targeting civilians in Donbas” and “the USA promoting extremism through ultra-nationalist Ukrainians”. Miller uses English to disseminate Russian myths about Ukraine. He calls Russian propaganda narratives an “uncomfortable truth”, including the “truth” about Russian soldiers who “don’t want” to kill Ukrainians but hate their criminal nationalist government. Another claim he propagates is the idea of “happy Ukrainians” living contentedly under Russian occupation.

Russia strategically leverages individuals from the West, like Miller, who holds British citizenship, to advance its propaganda under the guise of “Western independent journalism.” Using a “journalist” manipulates global public opinion in favour of the Kremlin’s narrative.

Who is this Shady Horse?

Johnny Miller, reporter and journalist

Where are they from?

United Kingdom

What have they been saying?…

There are also many pro Russians in Ukrainian territory. Particularly in Kharkiv and Odessa. It’s too dangerous for them to speak out. It has been increasingly so since 2014. The silent predicament of those unfortunates on both sides is little reported on. 
It is the Ukrainian side that has been killing civilians here for years, and this is not reported in the West… This is the first war in Europe for a long time, and at the same time, there is not a single British or American journalist here! Because if they were here, they would be obliged to report that Ukraine is targeting them here.
It started in 2014. When they were failing to defeat the so-called pro-Russian separatists militarily, they resorted to shelling civilians in the hope of dampening the civilian population’s will and support for the local authorities there. It is the reason why the vast majority of people in the Donbas region that is controlled by Russia no longer want to be part of Ukraine.
The uncomfortable truth is that Ukraine is killing civilians, indeed its own civilians, as it has been doing so for the last eight years.
Of course, NATO weapons are increasingly being used for that. I think it’s an important story. The NATO weapons are being used to target and kill civilians, but no headline, no articles like that.
And here in Donetsk, the main stories are the fact that the Ukrainian army is shelling and targeting civilian areas here in Donetsk every day, killing dozens of civilians including children.
When the war in Ukraine started it was clear the same principles were at play. The US promoting extremism. (ultra nationalist Ukrainians) A country would be destroyed… and European interests trampled on. A refugee crisis and now a turbo charged cost of living crisis.
So it turns out those who argued that Ukraine should negotiate from the start were the real pro-ukrainians. Many of us knew.
Ukraine would be far better off as neutral. And taking a peace deal. Many Ukrainians know it but they can speak out or they’ll be killed or imprisoned.

Source HWAG/UCMC. The article was prepared for publication by volunteers from the Res Publica - The Center for Civil Resistance.


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