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Closing the Net: Brazil Stops Russian Spy Activities

Sergei Tcherkasov. Source:

Infiltrating countries and compromising their security is no longer so easy as it was before. Countries globally are reinforcing their security, setting the bar high for the success of the Kremlin’s covert operations. Brazil recently showcased this new reality by dismantling a significant Russian spy network, marking the most extensive operation since the U.S unearthed ten Russian spies in 2010.

Sergei Tcherkasov, Mikhail Mikushin, and another individual, suspected to be a spy and identified as Chmirev by Greek officials, exploited fake Brazilian identities to travel worldwide and carry out assignments for Russian intelligence agencies. They leveraged Brazil’s once lax document acquisition system to obtain fake birth certificates and passports effortlessly, turning Brazil into a hotspot for spies.

Before Brazil, Canada was the go-to place for spies, owing to its lenient passport acquisition processes and lack of centralised verification. However, after tightening its security, obtaining fake identities became arduous, prompting Russian spies to explore alternatives like Brazil.

Now, Brazil is intensifying its efforts, partnering with the Intelligence Agencies of the United States of America to obstruct Russian spies from establishing their base for secret operations.

Countries are more vigilant than ever, uniting to stop Russian spy activities posing threats to global peace. The unmasking of spies in Brazil is a stark reminder of the relentless quest to safeguard our world. It's crucial to note that just last year, over 600 individuals, suspected of being Russian spies, were ousted from European embassies!

This case underscores the efforts of different countries worldwide to maintain peace and secure the well-being of their citizens. It represents a united front to protect every nation from hidden threats and ensure the safety of each individual. It’s more than just formal pacts; it's a mutual pledge to create a world where lasting peace and security prevail for everyone.


The article was prepared for publication by volunteers from the Res Publica - The Center for Civil Resistance.


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