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Russian missiles strike Vinnytsia. DFRLab report

On Thursday, July 14, Russia launched an attack in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia. The head of Regional Military Administration in Vinnytsia, Serhii Borzov, announced the alert on Telegram, urging the civilians to stay indoors and that four missiles were already taken down by Ukrainian military.

On Thursday, July 14, Russia launched an attack in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia


As Russia continues its assault on Ukraine, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) is keeping a close eye on Russia’s movements across the military, cyber, and information domains. With more than seven years of experience monitoring the situation in Ukraine—as well as Russia’s use of propaganda and disinformation to undermine the United States, NATO, and the European Union—the DFRLab’s global team presents the latest installment of the Russian War Report.


Ihor Klymenko, Chief of the National Police of Ukraine, announced on Facebook that three rockets hit an office building and damaged surrounding residential buildings in the city southwest of Kyiv. Various photos and videos of the damaged caused by the attack started appearing on the same day on social media. The Ukrainian Security Service also shared a video of destroyed civilian buildings in the city.

The Russian regime of state terrorism launched a missile attack on Vinnytsia, Ukraine. — Michael MacKay (@mhmck) July 14, 2022

A July 14 video showing the destruction caused by the Russian missile strike on Vinnytsia. (Source: @mhmck/Archive)

The DFRLab geolocated one of the areas in the city center hit by the missile attack, close to the House of Officers and a monument honoring the Ukrainian Air Forces of Ukraine.

Geolocation of one of the areas hit in central Vinnytsia. Green color marks the Monument in honor of the Air Forces of Ukraine, blue color marks a high-rise building and pink color marks the House of Officers. (Source: @mhmck/Archive, bottom; GoogleMaps, top left; GoogleMaps, top right)

A high-rise building damaged in the attack contained a medical center that was recently opened, which was also destroyed.

It was a new medical center in Vinnytsia. Staff and patients died from a direct missile hit. Only a terrorist country can kill children, kill civilians, kill doctors #russiaisaterrorisstate #GenocideOfUkrainians — соꑭячний котик (@elriness) July 14, 2022

Photos of before and after of a destroyed medical center in Vinnytsia (Location). (Source: @elriness/Archive)

According to media sources, the attack killed 20 people, including three children. At the time of reporting, another 90 civilians had been injured. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called the Russian attack an act of terrorism on the Ukrainian people. The city of Vinnytsia is roughly 400 kilometers away from the nearest frontlines (Kherson) and does not pose a threat to Russian forces.


Report prepared and first time published on the Atlantic Council web page. Author Lukas Andriukaitis, Associate Director, Brussels, Belgium.


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