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The Tragic Fate of Cultural Heritage in Occupied Territories

The tragic fate of cultural heritage in occupied territories is a result of deliberate destruction by Kremlin authority, neglect, and illicit trafficking. Historical sites and artefacts often bear the brunt of war, becoming targets for russian missiles to erase the Ukrainian identity and history of the occupied population.

The lack of preservation efforts by occupying forces contributes to the decay and loss of cultural heritage in these regions. Illicit trafficking and stealing further exacerbate the depletion of cultural wealth, as artefacts are illegally sold on the black market and show up in Russian museums afterwards.

Despite international efforts by organizations such as UNESCO, the work of hundreds of Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the existence of conventions to protect cultural property during armed conflict, the challenges of safeguarding cultural heritage in occupied territories remain significant. Sustained global attention to the Russian war crimes and genocidal attempts to deconstruct Ukrainian history and culture and concerted action are essential to mitigate the tragic fate of cultural heritage in these vulnerable regions.


Source HWAG/UCMC. The article was prepared for publication by volunteers from the Res Publica - The Center for Civil Resistance.


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